Sky Sports and BT Sport have revealed which Premier League fixtures they will be showing in the first-half of next season, with five matches televised on the opening weekend.

Sky, who have retained the rights to 116 live fixtures during the course of the season, begin with four games involving three new managers in Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City, as well as Tottenham.

BT Sport, meanwhile, will open with Liverpool v Stoke City at lunchtime on Saturday August 17.

As Sportsmail’s Charles Sale exclusively revealed, Sky have exercised their right to first refusal in the first rounds of the season. They also say they will screen every meeting between last year’s top four.

Ready for battle: Sky's punditry line-up of (above, left to right) Jamie Redknapp, Jamie Carragher, Gary Neville and Graeme Souness will be up against BT's trio of Michael Owen, Jake Humphrey and David James (below)

Ready for battle: Sky’s punditry line-up of (above, left to right) Jamie Redknapp, Jamie Carragher, Gary Neville and Graeme Souness will be up against BT’s trio of Michael Owen, Jake Humphrey and David James (below)

BT Sport punditry line-up

BT Sport punditry line-up


(Kick-off times listed – Fixtures subject to change)

Saturday August 17 – Liverpool v Stoke City (BT Sport, 12.45pm)
Saturday August 17 – Swansea City v Manchester United (Sky sports, 5.30pm)
Sunday August 18 – Crystal Palace v Tottenham Hotspur (Sky Sports, 1.30pm)
Sunday August 18 – Chelsea v Hull City (Sky Sports, 4pm)
Monday August 19 – Manchester City v Newcastle United (Sky Sports, 8pm)
Saturday August 24 – Fulham v Arsenal (BT Sport, 12.45pm)
Saturday August 24 – Aston Villa v Liverpool (Sky Sports, 5.30pm)
Sunday August 25 – Cardiff City v Manchester City (Sky Sports, 4pm)
Monday August 26 – Manchester United v Chelsea (Sky Sports, 8pm)
Saturday August 31 – Manchester City v Hull City (BT Sport, 12.45pm)
Saturday August 31 – Crystal Palace v Sunderland (Sky Sports, 5.30pm)

Sunday September 1 – Liverpool v Manchester United (Sky Sports, 1.30pm)
Sunday September 1 – Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur (Sky Sports, 4pm)
Saturday September 14 – Manchester United v Crystal Palace (BT Sport, 12.45pm)
Saturday September 14 – Everton v Chelsea (Sky Sports, 5.30pm)
Sunday September 15 – Southampton v West Ham United (Sky Sports, 4pm)
Monday September 16 – Swansea City v Liverpool (Sky sports, 8pm)
Saturday September 21 – Norwich City v Aston Villa (BT Sport, 12.45pm)
Saturday September 21 – Chelsea v Fulham (Sky Sports, 5.30pm)
Sunday September 22 – Arsenal v Stoke City (Sky Sports, 1.30pm)
Sunday September 22 – Manchester City v Manchester United (Sky Sports, 4pm)
Saturday September 28 – Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea (BT Sport, 12.45pm)
Saturday September 28 – Swansea City v Arsenal (Sky Sports, 5.30pm)
Sunday September 29 – Stoke City v Norwich City (Sky Sports, 1.30pm)
Sunday September 29 – Sunderland v Liverpool (Sky sports, 4pm)
Monday September 30 – Everton v Newcastle United (Sky Sports, 8pm)

Saturday October 5 – Manchester City v Everton (BT Sport, 12.45pm)
Saturday October 5 – Sunderland v Manchester United (Sky Sports, 5.30pm)
Sunday October 6 – Norwich City v Chelsea (Sky Sports, 1.30pm)
Sunday October 6 – West Bromwich Albion v Arsenal (Sky Sports, 4pm)
Saturday October 19 – Newcastle United v Liverpool (BT Sport, 12.45pm)
Saturday October 19 – West Ham United v Manchester City (Sky Sports, 5.30pm)
Sunday October 20 – Aston Villa v Tottenham Hotspur (Sky Sports, 4pm)
Monday October 21 – Crystal Palace v Fulham (Sky Sports, 8pm)
Saturday October 26 – Crystal Palace v Arsenal (BT Sport, 12.45pm)
Saturday October 26 – Southampton v Fulham (Sky Sports, 5.30pm)
Sunday October 27 – Chelsea v Manchester City (Sky Sports, 1.30pm)
Sunday October 27 – Sunderland v Newcastle United (Sky Sports, 4pm)

Saturday November 2 – Newcastle United v Chelsea (BT Sport, 12.45pm)
Saturday November 2 – Arsenal v Liverpool (Sky Sports, 5.30pm)
Sunday November 3 – Everton v Tottenham Hotspur (Sky Sports, 1.30pm)
Sunday November 3 – Cardiff City v Swansea City (Sky Sports, 4pm)
Saturday November 9 – Norwich City v West Ham United (Sky Sports, 5.30pm)
Sunday November 10 – Tottenham Hotspur v Newcastle United (Sky Sports, 12pm)
Sunday November 10 – Sunderland v Manchester City (Sky Sports, 2.05pm)
Sunday November 10 – Manchester United v Arsenal  (Sky Sports, 4.10pm)
Saturday November 23 – Everton v Liverpool (BT Sport, 12.45pm)
Saturday November 23 – Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur (Sky Sports, 5.30pm)
Sunday November 24 – West Ham United v Chelsea (Sky Sports, 1.30pm)
Sunday November 24 – Cardiff City v Manchester United (Sky Sports, 4pm)
Monday November 25 – West Bromwich Albion v Aston Villa (Sky Sports, 8pm)
Saturday November 30 – Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester United (BT Sport, 12.45pm)
Saturday November 30 – Newcastle United v West Bromwich Albion (Sky Sports, 5.30pm)

Sunday December 1 – Hull City v Liverpool (Sky Sports, 1.30pm)
Sunday December 1 – Chelsea v Southampton (Sky Sports, 4pm)


BT have to wait until September 28 for their first game between Premier League heavyweights when Spurs play Chelsea. They will show 38 matches throughout the season and all their fixtures are currently at 12.45pm on Saturdays.

Before that, Sky will have already broadcast Man United v Chelsea on August 26, a Super Sunday involving Liverpool v Man United and Arsenal v Tottenham on September 1, Everton v Chelsea on September 14 and Man City v Man United on September 22.

Although BT have the rights for 18 first choice matches, Sky have been ruthless in their ability to tell them when these will be.

Concerns may be raised by Sky’s decision to choose both the Tyne-Wear derby between Sunderland and Newcastle on October 27 at 4pm, and the new Welsh derby Cardiff against Swansea at 4pm on November 3. Usually these derbies are played at lunchtime to reduce drinking time beforehand.

A difference to previous years is that Sky no longer have Saturday 12.45pm kick-offs, which have gone to BT, but they now have 5.30pm matches instead.

As well as Spurs’ clash with Chelsea, stand-out fixtures for BT include Man City v Everton on October 5, Newcastle v Liverpool on October 19, the Merseyside derby between Everton and Liverpool on November 23 and Tottenham v Manchester United on November 30.

Newly promoted Crystal Palace and Hull are both shown on Sky during the opening weekend, at home to Tottenham and away to Chelsea respectively. Cardiff have to wait until the second weekend when they face Man City at home.

Sky’s new pundit Jamie Carragher has said: ‘This is the reason why I chose to join Sky Sports. I wanted to work with the best team on the best line up of live football and that is what we have for the new season.

‘Sky Sports viewers can see all the big stories, more of the massive matches and of course every team at least twice. We’ve got the action covered and I can’t wait to get started.’

Barney Francis, managing director of Sky Sports, said: ‘This is our biggest ever season of Premier League football. When you look at the opening fixtures in black and white, you can see that no other broadcaster comes close to the quality that we offer.

‘Sky Sports will show every match between last season’s top four as well as every club at least twice by December. We’ll have more than three times as many matches as BT, and our schedule is even stronger than it was last season. With the best team of analysts, a fantastic new weekend schedule and coverage from the Football League, UEFA Champions League, La Liga and the SPL, this is the best ever football season for Sky Sports viewers.’

As for rivals BT, their director of Sport Simon Green said: ‘We are thrilled that BT Sport viewers will be able to enjoy these top-of-the-table matches free with BT broadband.

‘This is the first time in Premier League history that top pick matches have been shown anywhere other than on Sky, but Sky TV customers can easily add BT Sport by calling us and if they have BT broadband they can get it for free.

‘We have only used five of our top picks, which means that BT Sport will have another 13 throughout the remainder of the season, so our viewers have many more excellent Premier League games to come. In the first 13 Premier League rounds until December, we will show the biggest clubs at least twice including Tottenham taking on serious title contenders in both matches, against Manchester United and Chelsea.

‘We have Manchester United twice, Manchester City twice, Arsenal twice, Chelsea twice, Everton twice and Liverpool three times.’



Chelsea – 10
Liverpool – 9
Manchester City – 9
Manchester United – 9
Arsenal – 8
Tottenham Hotspur – 8
Newcastle United – 7
Crystal Palace – 5
Everton – 5
Sunderland – 5
Aston Villa – 4
Fulham – 4
Norwich City – 4
Swansea City – 4
West Ham United – 4
Cardiff City – 3
Hull City – 3
Southampton – 3
Stoke City – 3
West Bromwich Albion – 3

But such a ‘strange at birth’ tactic by Sky to maximise audience figures could lead them short of United matches during the title run-in as BT would have first choice for many of the last rounds of the season.

The blueprint is being devised under Project Purple, the Sky think tank dedicated to finding ways to derail BT’s launch of their 38-game Premier League package on August 17.

As part of this strategy, Sky will broadcast its first ever free-to-air live match at 5.30pm on the opening day of the new season, as well as a Football League match live at lunchtime.

The head-to-head rivalry will start with Sky putting on the Championship fixture Burnley v Bolton on August 3 to coincide with BT’s first football game of the new season, Steven Gerrard’s testimonial match between Liverpool and Olympiakos.

The Project Purple game plan also includes having a live studio audience for Sky’s Saturday football slot at 5.30pm, which has long been one of BT’s proposals for their football coverage.

Regulator Ofcom has launched an investigation into BSkyB’s alleged refusal to share its Sky Sports channels with BT on ‘fair terms’.

The telecoms watchdog said it has opened an investigation into Sky’s ‘alleged abuse of a dominant position’ regarding the wholesale supply of Sky Sports 1 and 2 – its flagship sports channels.

BT wants to offer Sky Sports via YouView set-top boxes to complement its own newly-launched sport offer.

Hands up if you're on BT Sport: Liverpool will face Stoke on the opening weekend of the Premier League season

Hands up if you’re on BT Sport: Liverpool will face Stoke on the opening weekend of the league season

But BT said Sky will not allow the channels to be broadcast over BT boxes unless it offers its rival wholesale access to its own BT Sport channels in return.


BT sparked a price war with Sky last month when it launched free live Premier League action to football fans for the first time – if they buy its broadband starting at £10 a month. It will also show 30 live matches from the Football Conference next season.

Sky have announced their exciting line-up for the new season, with Jamie Redknapp appearing on a revamped Saturday show in front of a live audience and Jamie Carragher joining Gary Neville on Monday Night Football.

BT, meanwhile, have snapped up Michael Owen as their lead co-commentator, while Owen Hargreaves, Steve McManaman, David James and Rio Ferdinand will also appear as pundits.


The launch of BT Sport is likely to offer a serious challenge to Sky Sports in the coming seasons, with the newcomer offering 38 exclusively live Barclays Premier League matches next season, including 18 first-choice picks. 

They are also offering 30 exclusively live Scottish Premier League matches, the FA Cup, Europa League and five foreign leagues. 

There are three ways to get the BT Sport channels, which launch on August 1. 

Existing Sky subscribers can add BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 and ESPN to their channel line-up for an extra £12 a month plus a one-off £15 activation fee. 

But in an attempt to persuade Sky Broadband customers to switch to BT, they are offering the channels free to BT broadband customers.

BT Infinity broadband packages with TV and BT Sport are available from £20 a month. 

Broadband subscribers also get access to an online player and mobile app for streaming the live action.