'Royal': Sarah Al Amoudi is believed by some to be a Saudi princess of 'limitless wealth', but Ian Paton told London's High Court she is a conwoman

Royal? Sarah Al Amoudi is believed by some to be a Saudi princess of ‘limitless wealth’, but Ian Paton told London’s High Court she is a conwoman

A so-called Saudi princess accused of defrauding two property developers of £14million claims she had a secret affair with one of them.

Sara Al Amoudi – believed by some to be a princess with ‘limitless wealth’ but attacked by her detractors as a prostitute and conwoman – enjoyed romantic holidays with London investor Ian Paton, the High Court heard yesterday.

Mr Paton, 45, and his long-term girlfriend and business partner Amanda Clutterbuck, 56, claim they were financially ruined after being lured into giving six exclusive flats in Chelsea and Knightsbridge to Miss Al Amoudi, thinking she was a princess poised to invest millions in a joint property scheme.

But the court heard claims that instead of being tricked into giving her the flats, Mr Paton had actually invented the claim of being conned to cover up not only a secret affair with the mysterious ‘royal’ but also his long-term addiction to crack cocaine.

According to Miss Al Amoudi, Mr Paton had stolen and borrowed millions from her, and the flats were repayment. He has denied the sex, drugs, thefts and loans allegations.

Yesterday it was his partner Miss Clutterbuck, a mother of four who had built up a multimillion-pound fortune from her property dealings, who was forced to deny accusations that Mr Paton was ‘having sexual relations’ with Miss Al Amoudi, said to be aged between 30 and 43.

Jonathan Seitler, QC, for Miss Al Amoudi, put it to her that Mr Paton, her partner for almost 20 years and the father of her youngest child, was secretly a crack addict who had lied to her and enjoyed a relationship with the ‘princess’ behind her back.

Mr Seitler alleged that Mr Paton had taken trips to Thailand and Amsterdam with Miss Al Amoudi in 2009 without her knowledge.

Miss Clutterbuck, who counts the Duke of Gloucester among her friends, admitted Mr Paton had travelled with the ‘princess’ but denied the trips were clandestine, telling the court she had picked him up from the airport on his return. Mr Seitler claimed this was ‘absolute rubbish’.

Counter-claims: Miss Al Amoudi (pictured leaving London's High Court) said the allegations made by Mr Paton were invented to cover up their 'affair'

Counter-claims: Miss Al Amoudi (pictured leaving London’s High Court) said the allegations made by Mr Paton were invented to cover up their ‘affair’. It was alleged that Mr Paton borrowed millions from Miss Al Amoudi and the flats were a repayment

Sarah Al Amoudi
Ian Paton

Identity: Miss Al Amoudi, 30, is being sued for £14m by Ian Paton (right) and his long-term girlfriend Amanda Clutterbuck who say she tricked them into handing over properties


He also accused Miss Clutterbuck of ‘confiscating’ her partner’s mobile phone because of her suspicions about the ‘affair’ – something she denied – and concluded by asking her if she flatly  denied sexual relations between Mr Paton and the ‘princess’ had ever taken place.

Miss Clutterbuck replied: ‘How can I actually say categorically? All I can go with is being told by Miss Al Amoudi that Ian had a 20-year-old history of crack addiction, that I knew nothing of.

He says he has not had sexual relations with her, and I believe him.’

The hearing continues.