Anti-war protesters gathered outside the White House to call on President Obama to stay out of Syria

Anti-war protesters gathered outside the White House to call on President Obama to stay out of Syria
A new US poll has found that fifty percent of the American public say they are against any military action on Syria while nearly eighty percent believe the administration of US President Barrack Obama should receive approval from the Congress before going ahead with any military move against the Arab nation.

According to the two-day NBC News poll, only 42 percent of its respondents support a US military action over Syria.

Even those who put their weight behind a military action said the move should be limited in scope.

Seventy nine percent of those who participated in the poll, including 70 percent of Democrats and 90 percent of Republicans, also believe any military intervention should be authorized by the Congress.

The study also reflected that, unlike the US president, 79 percent of Americans believe a possible military action is not in the national interest of their country.

The US administration has been facing opposition from some lawmakers from both the Republican and Democratic parties in the Congress over its plan to launch an attack on Syria.

The Obama administration tried to convince congressional leaders over a military action during a 90-minute briefing on Thursday night. The Obama team claimed to have evidence proving that Syrian government forces carried out a deadly chemical weapons attack near Damascus last week.

But several congressmen said they were not convinced by the evidence while some others casted doubt on the efficiency of a limited strike against Syria.

“It’s a very tough situation with no good options,” said chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Rep. Howard McKeon, R-California.

This as the British MPs following a hot debate in the House of Commons rejected Prime Minister David Cameron’s plan for a UK military intervention in Syria.

The White House, however, has said it is still trying to form an “international coalition” for a potential attack on the country.

The efforts of the Obama administration and some of its Western allies to attack Syria comes as a UN team, which has been in Syria at the invitation of Damascus to probe other chemical attacks by the foreign-backed insurgents, is yet to announce its findings over the latest chemical attack.